Dear friends and tourists!

You are invited to a modern but still picturesque traditional environment, to the feet of Gilau mountains,near the entrance on the Transilvanian motorway. If you want to spend a few days,go hiking; or you are simply passing by and you need accommodation not too far from the dust and noise of Cluj-Napoca: we can offer you 4 rooms with own bathrooms,dining room,TV,wifi IT, and garden grill.

Where are we located?

You exit Cluj-Napoca with direction Oradea(Continue along: E60 / DN1),you pass by Floresti ,you take left at the small bridge located after the gas station. --->Luna de Sus,(Lona)

How to spend the day?

You can make your own route,or ask for organized group hiking-sightseeing, with a small bus. In a 50km range there are many lakes, like Belis-Fintinele , Tarnita , Somesul Cald, Gilau, with fishing opportunity. You can also take the boat for sightseeing on the lakes or go to Cheile Turzii, Ocnele sarate Turda or Cascada Miresii. Click the photos section.


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